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  • T. S. Morrell

Wippler December/January 2020

As the year comes to a close, we are thankful that we can look back and see how our God has been faithful. In the midst of a global pandemic, God prepared our calendar to be scheduled at a church in Oregon which had full hookups for our motorhome. Beyond that, God allowed campgrounds to open prior to our re-starting deputation after the lockdown. This ensured our travel from Oregon to the east coast was a semi-normal experience. We look forward to what 2021 will behold and are making arrangements accordingly. October was a special month for us as we were able to visit our sending church’s world impact conference. It was quite an experience as churches in California are still technically not allowed to re-open. On the sunday evening service, Andrew was ordained into the gospel ministry along with three other men. We also were able to allocate three days to spend with our family to celebrate Meg’s birthday – who is now a whopping 7 years old. Clark is looking forward to turning 6 in December and Jake will turn 5 in January. December will be a busy month for us as we complete our BIMI year 2 candidate school – which was postponed several times due to COVID. Our meetings will end on December 20th in Texas and will begin January 8th in Minnesota. While in Minnesota, we will be doing clerical work such as renewing registration on our motorhome and trailer, getting our children’s passports, and keeping up to date on all of our dental, medical, and optical check-ups. We hope to experience at least one snowfall prior to our return back to the south where we have meetings in Georgia and Florida.

  • Praise: 7 new supporting churches since the last letter. We are receiving 40% with an additional 13% possible.

  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings and no mechanical issues

  • Prayer: Fill June and July 2021 meeting schedule

  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation

  • Prayer: To be on the field by summer 2021

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