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Wilder Sept 2021 - Peru

Well everyone, I have finished book 3 in language school and on to book 4. I am amazed by my spanish progression, but also lack a lot and it is definitely getting harder! Like I always say the more you know, the more you realize you don't know haha. I also had the opportunity to preach my first message in spanish the other day. I preached on God cares for you from 1 Peter 5:7. It was a great opportunity and hope the Lord blessed it to help someone. Please continue to pray that I get the language down and I will eventually be able to speak fluently.

A lot of stuff has been going this past month. We started the month with a youth conference and then a bonfire. It was great to see all the young people that came out to worship the Lord and got to hear God's word being preached.

I now have the opportunity to work in one of the churches here called Iglesia Bautista El Faro. I got to participate in their missions conference, I participated in their skits, dressed up as an Ecuadorian and watched their love for missions. It's great to see that this church was started due to a missionary and that they themselves have sent and are supporting missionaries around the world.

The pastor of the church has taken me under his wing and is teaching me ministry here. I went with him to go visit this elderly man who is on his death bed. He explained the gospel to him and the man made a profession of faith! I have also been going with him to a Bible study group on the other side of town and its great to see their hunger for the word of God. Be praying for this church and their pastor that God would continue to do big stuff!

Thank you for all you do and until next time...

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