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Walz Sept 2021 - Taiwan

Recent Blessings And Future Opportunities We baptized a young man this month, Fred. Fred is 12 and he has been spending a great deal of time with Peyton, assistant pastor of Compass Baptist Church. We’re praying for Fred, that the Lord would ground him in the Word and have a desire to serve God. This month Peyton also baptized a young lady, Karen, who has been in discipleship for sometime but only recently has made a profession of faith. Carmen, Peyton’s wife, has been investing in her. We’re praying for her husband who needs to be saved, but shows little interest in spiritual things. Soon, Lord willing, we will be able to preach the gospel on a weekly basis in a new area called QiShan. We have been offered to use a house for 75 dollars a month. Normal rent on the market is closer to 500 dollars, so we’re thanking God for giving us opportunities that we would have otherwise passed over. QiShan has 30,000 souls and no known Baptist Church. Our prayer is God will save souls, and call a man to turn this work into a church to keep a gospel ministry there indefinitely. Our first activity in QiShan is scheduled for November. Currently, the Lord has allowed us to oversee three church plants, and train a man for each location. The men who are serving are converts from earlier in the ministry the Lord has given us. We’re so blessed to see Him work in the lives of those who were once pagan, but now serve the living God.

Update on Church Plant #4 Renovation We paid the second installment of renovations today, a total of $40,000. God has blessed us with this amount within the last two months. Behold the hand of God! We have not directly asked anyone for this. As you know we have updated you, but we have only asked Him in prayer to provide. God is good and faithful to complete the work. To finish the project, $45,000 remains, and if the Lord is pleased to continue blessing, our first service in this property would be Christmas this year. Would you pray?

Baby Girl Walz Expected before Next Update Alisha only has a few more weeks, and she is all ready a BIG baby! Our doctor suggests inducing labor in two weeks if the baby gains anymore weight haha. We’re still trying to pick out a baby girl name. This will be our first girl after our three boys.

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