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Wilder July 2021 - Peru

The month of June was a busy one with lots of things going on. At the beginning of the month I took a mandatory two-week trip back to the states, where I worked in the Our Generation Missions Camp. We had a great group of teens that was challenged from the scriptures to live their lives for God. My brother also came along and I know it was a blessing to him as well. After that, I had the opportunity to preach in the church I grew up in and God seemed to have blessed in the service.

I just recently returned to Peru along with a group of young people from different churches. They are here for a one month internship. The other day we invited the guys from the group to go play soccer with us with some of Peruvian guys in our neighborhood. About 30 Peruvians ended up coming out, so I gave them all an invitation to our church and Justin (the music leader) preached to them. It was a great outreach opportunity and I hope the Lord works in those young people’s lives. We have been able to do many outreach events at three different churches in the city as well. We handed out many tracts and invitations in the community at Love Baptist Church and Liberty Baptist Church. Then we went to another community around Emanuel Baptist Church and played volleyball with them. After playing we gave out invitations to church and Pastor Efrain shared the Gospel.

On another note, I have a kinda crazy story to tell. One day I was opening my garage door to back my car out and head to church when this guy stopped me. He told me that he just arrived from Venezuela a few days ago and he didn’t have anywhere to stay, but was looking for work. It was quite pitiful to see that he was so desperate for help, so I was like I am about to go to church if you want to. Then he responded back with “yea I'll go”, so we loaded up and went to church. I believe he told me that he had never been to a Baptist Church and after service he went along his way. It had to be the Lord that brought that young man along and as terrible as his situation was at least he heard about the good news of Jesus Christ. The more I think the more I realize there are a lot of broken people out there and who do they need? They need Jesus!

Please continue to pray for me as I learn the language, pray for the ministry in Peru and in Bolivia, and for the lost in all world. Thank you for all you do and until next time…

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