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Wilburn Ministry Update Oct 2020

Dearest Friends, I am a firm believer that volunteering, or ministry in the community, is a big part of successful evangelism and discipleship.  However, it's important to focus on one or two ministries that can be directly connected to building relationships and bringing individuals into Church services. A few years ago the Lord allowed me to begin a reading help program two days a week at a local school where most of the children know me, and you can easily walk to the Church.  

This is a definite answer to prayer and I've seen the Lord use this ministry to impact the spiritual as well as needs of young people.  Particularly the first year when I had a group of all boys who showed dramatic improvement with reading. 

This Friday I will meet with students for the first time since March.  As you can imagine, there is a great need right now for reading help since the children were out of school for six-months.  I will begin with a group of five, and have been told by teachers there are many more children who need help.As I approach this re-opened door of ministry please pray with me.

  1. That I can be connected with the students who have the greatest need

  2. Specifically, there is a boy named Javin who struggles a lot with his reading and I've worked with for the last two years.  I am praying the Lord would allow me to continue working with him.

  3. Pray for patience and wisdom since working with groups of five children can be difficult

  4. Pray that the children have the right attitude, and come prepared to learn

  5. Also, pray that I can develop relationships with these children and their families outside of School, and bring them into Church

  6. And finally pray as time passes other children can become part of this ministry  

It was a blessing to hear many children call my name when  I went to meet with the principal about volunteering last week.  It was a reminder about the great influence that I have with the children, and the great responsibility that influence is. 

Thanks for praying with me.

In Christ,

John Wilburn

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