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Walz Special Report June 2021 - Taiwan

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

New Construction of Church Plant #4 to Begin Praise God! This has been some news forthcoming, but we’re happy to announce the needed renovations for this church property is at hand! Let me briefly bring everyone up to speed. The Nanzhi property first was presented to us November of last year. It’s location sits in the middle of a heavily populated part of our city. With several of our men in training, we began asking God for more opportunities to start new works and this was presented to us. We began with nothing, but in a few short months, God provided everything to pay for the property in full! There still remains extensive renovations. Recently a bid was made by a company that gave us all that we asked for to make it usable as a church building. This particular company is also aware of how we paid for the property through prayer and trusting in God. As we met, we informed them, we would pay for renovations based on faith and asking God for our need, being assured this is God’s will in the matter. Now that the property is paid in full, God has already provided $50,000 of the renovation price, enough to begin construction. The company is aware that we are asking God to provide and if He should decide to not provide the necessary remaining funds, then the work would cease until He resumes provision. We are expected to pay for the continuation of the work every 2 months. The project will take 6 months to complete. We have already paid the first 2 months. We will need to rely on the Lord for the next two payments. If the time should expire and we are yet unable to pay, the work will pause until God is pleased to provide. In this report, I am providing to our churches an itemized list of work that needs to be done along with its cost. It has been translated into English. You may click here to download a PDF version. You will notice that God has already provided for items 7 and 9. The rest remains to be collected. Nanzhi Church Plant Property (Compass Baptist Church) Renovation Price List:

  1. Scraping the walls, remove the mid-level room, remove original staircase (includes delivery) - $7,714

  2. 1F Removal of existing brick wall, removal of tree roots, removal roof - $2,607

  3. Scaffolding & Safety fence - $2,321

  4. 1-3F perforation (drilling and sawing into concrete) - $1,071

  5. 1F Steel Frame Structural Support (after removing weight bearing wall), pouring concrete flooring - $20,178

  6. 1-2F Steel Staircase, marble steps, tempered glass railing - $8,482

  7. 2-3F Staircase Frame, concrete steps, steel railings - $6,375 PAID

  8. 1st-3rd Electric and Plumbing configuration, 1F half bath, 2F full bath, install electric meter - $13,414

  9. 1-2F Erect Brick Walls, Erect 1F Back Brick Wall, 1-3F Erect Front Brick Wall, Cement Power Plaister, Outer Wall Tile - $43,457 PAID

  10. 1F Metal Gate, Aluminum Window Frames, Ventilation Ducts - $7,660

  11. 1-3F Drop Ceiling - $6,153

  12. 1-3F Water Proofing Sealant - $4,803

Total: $124,235 Current Total Remaining to Complete Construction: $74,403

We share this information with you to help pray with us that HE would be pleased to help us and provide another testimony to HIS name. Perhaps the Lord will lead you to give to this work. We hope the information provided will help you understand what your offering would accomplish towards its completion. The company that is working for us is not Christian, though they have already seen God’s faithfulness when we purchase the property based on faith and looking to His provision. As a result, the realtor who sold us the property is now a faithful believer and is currently in training with the other interns for ministry. Praise God!

Current Interns in Pastoral Training

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