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  • T. S. Morrell

Walz November 2020 - Taiwan

God Gives Compass Baptist Church Opportunity to Birth a New Church!

Compass is still a church plant itself, but God has given our church the opportunity to send out a man of God, one of our own today in services. Sam Huang came to the Lord three years ago and has been training at Compass for the ministry ever since. Today we tearfully

laid our hands on Him symbolizing he is being sent out on our behalf. He has been a blessing to Compass Baptist Church and will be sorely missed. Sam will begin services at the new church plant next Sunday, "Second Mile Baptist Church". Sam and I will work together until he is ready to handle things himself. We will take care of the church's rent and once I'm finished preaching at Compass, I'll head over to Second Mile and preach the same sermon. Meanwhile, Sam will be getting experience managing a church and making new disciples in an area that needs the gospel! We have trained Sam for this and have already seen the Lord bless! May the Lord bless His work! Lord willing, we'll be able to help Second Mile mature and become independent in the near future.

Pray With Us for Sam Huang and Family

Sam and his wife, Jane, and daughter, Lydia deserve our prayers and our help. Compass will take on Sam for temporary support to relieve his financial burden until the Second Mile is able to support him. One of my supporting churches already supports Sam on a monthly basis, so he is already in the habit of writing a monthly prayer letter. If you would like to receive Sam's personal prayer letter, reply to my email here and I'll make sure you'll be added. If you would consider taking Sam and his precious family on for temporary church planter's support, please contact me via email!

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