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  • T. S. Morrell

Walz July 2021 - Taiwan

Update of Daily Operations Amidst Nationwide Lockdown

Despite a national lockdown, we’ve still managed to meet with several new acquaintances over the last month. Taiwan has made having church services illegal. Because large gatherings are banned, we’ve added several smaller meetings to accommodate. We’re planning to have dinner with several this week who need to hear the gospel. Would you pray for them? All of our men have their own list of individuals that need the Lord, and we are working strategies to get the gospel to them all.

Our training with the interns has not been greatly hindered. I’m thankful for the work God has done in these young men's lives, making them willing to pay the cost of discipleship. We continue to meet with them regularly to encourage, teach, and prepare for future ministry.

Mr. Hong, 60, has only been saved two months. But he is taking the initiative to invite his closest friends to a meeting in the park where he wants to tell them about Jesus. It reminds me of the initiative Matthew took with his friends to introduce Jesus to them.

Post-Covid Church Plant Strategy

1. Nanzhi Church Plant This would be a 4th church plant in our city. The property is paid for, Praise God! We started with no means to purchase this property at all. But several godly men in my life encouraged me to ask God in faith and He has shown Himself. More encouraging still is God has used the property in its unfinished state to bring the realtor to Himself. The realtor is one of us and serves faithfully each week, growing in the Lord. Also, the builder, who is in charge of renovations, has had an opportunity to hear the gospel several times in these last days. About $60,000 remains to complete renovations. For the work to continue without delay, we’re asking God to provide again for the $20,000 September payment. This morning before I wrote this letter, the brethren in Ohio gave $10,000 towards the work! We are greatly encouraged and take this as a sign of God’s continued care and provision for a fourth church plant in our city. Our last renovation, Lord willing, will begin in October. If the Lord is please to provide all that is needed, our first service would be just in time for Christmas this year. Would you pray?

2. Tainan Church Plant God has stirred the heart of a church member here in Kaohsiung to get the gospel in other cities also. Recently an inherited home was offered to us for a new church plant. We drove up to see the property and deemed it was suitable for a church building and in a great densely populated area. God is showing His kindness to us by giving us open doors and leading us to new areas beyond our immediate border. We plan to spend a great deal of time in this new area and look for men to train. We'll need to drive an hour each way to reach this new church plant. There's little that needs to be done to the property and we could have services inside immediately. Church plant #5! Praise God!

3. Gangshan church plant Would you pray for this work as I am uncertain of God's direction In it. Recently I received an email from a church expressing a burden to help a new church plant get started. In response, I've taken our young men to several cities/towns on the outskirts of Kaohsiung, and one particular area has been on our hearts and minds. Gangshan Is 100,000 in population with no Baptist churches. Indeed we saw few churches of any sort for this city. We looked at several buildings to rent and saw several possibilities. We have men that could begin work here. Would you pray about this new opportunity?

4. Organize a Training Center I've been encouraged by mentors and friends to consider establishing a training center or Bible college. I have in the past have negative feelings towards training done outside the parameters of the church and one-on-one discipleship. But hearing my friends explain more about it, would be an opportunity to delegate some of the teaching and training responsibility to the current Taiwanese pastors and preachers who have started churches with me. We are in the early stages of gathering material and organization. I believe if this is the Lord's way, He will bless it.

For our praying partners, don't forget to intercede for our young men and the churches they are currently working in. We are encouraged by the souls we have seen come to the Lord recently like Fred, Nick, and Mr. Hong. I pray these young men will be strengthened with their personal walk with the Lord. They will need to be able to withstand all sorts of discouragement and temptation. Also, prayers are appreciated for my own family. We have a baby girl due in October. Also, we trust the Lord will provide for my son Ian who has autism. Also pray for Adam and Ashley Walz, my nephew and niece. Their Chinese language is coming along and it won't be long before they'll be looking for a place to start work. We already have some places lined up for them to see and start praying about.

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