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Walz Jan 2021 - Taiwan

Compass Baptist, New Guests: Usually these things happen a little more spread out but we had one busy Sunday yesterday! What was originally supposed to be a baptism Sunday at Compass had to be postponed because of sickness. Still, Compass had return guests and new guests attend services. One return guest in particular has been asking many questions about salvation at small group Bible studies, and we’re all praying for his salvation!

Second Mile Baptist, Salvation: At Second Mile we also saw return guests and new guests come to service. At the conclusion of the preaching, a young man stayed behind and made a profession of faith! We’ll follow up on him this week and talk about baptism in the future. Pray for Ben!

Compass Church Property: Before services began yesterday we got word that a church in Tennessee generously gave $30,000 towards our property purchase! We only have $52k left to complete the purchase and begin renovations! Praise God, He is certainly moving His plans along!

Suicide Attempt: I’ve become painfully aware of all the suicides that happen in Taiwan. If you would visit, you may leave thinking the Taiwanese are generally a happy and friendly people. But there is a dark sense of hopelessness just under that facade. I’ve heard of three suicide attempts recently just in our local area. Last night, while Peyton was walking along the river with his fiancee, they heard sobbing coming from the river. Peyton looked over the edge and saw a lady in her 30’s standing in the water. Peyton pulled the lady up and took her to the hospital. Peyton was able to share the gospel with her and get contact information so we may follow up.

A Third Church Plant, Compass Baptist Nanzi: We decided today that a month from today we would begin our first service for Compass Baptist Nanzi in an outdoor park. While we’re waiting for God to provide for the building, our plans are to go ahead and start an outdoor service Sunday evenings. Our grand opening, Lord willing will be Easter Services this year, Lord willing. We know it may be confusing later for supports, but this church plant is taking the name of its mother church “Compass Baptist Church” in Fengshan. To differentiate, we will be calling it Compass Baptist Nanzi. (Nanzi is the district in which it’s located.)

A Fourth Church Plant, Second Birth Baptist Church: We finished making business cards for Josh and I to begin passing out in the area we’d like to start Second Birth. Originally, we had plans to begin services in the Summer, however, we perceive that Covid may be coming finally to Taiwan. If this is the case, we’d like to start before that happens while people would feel less afraid about visiting church. We’ll keep everyone update on this progress.

Burdened to Do More Bible College: This morning, I received an email from my friend, Jeff Bush with materials to start a Bible College in Taiwan. Another piece in the plan to disciple future leaders, missionaries, and pastors! Pray with us about this! Special Needs Ministry: Both Churches have special many needs people coming. And this week we plan on baptizing a special needs young man who made a profession of faith. Last week at Second Mile, 10 first time special needs guests arrived on a bus to visit, sing hymns, and hear the preaching. With autism in our own family, It’s hard to ignore God’s hand in directing this. We’re praying about what to do. Cambodia: Since before Covid, we’ve been planning on a missions trip to Cambodia to challenge Taiwanese young men about missions. We’re praying to send missionaries there and other SE Asian countries one day.

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