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  • T. S. Morrell

Walz Dec 2020 - Taiwan

Update On Compass Property Purchase

  • This month we saw God's people give $9,500!

  • We still have further need to raise $104,500 to purchase.

  • We have a need for the full amount in two months time! The Compass Baptist property purchase will help our work here move forward in several ways. First, it will ensure that a pastor we have trained will continue gospel ministry without the financial burden of rent or loan payments. Secondly, a purchased property will free up our budget for another church plant with one of our young men. Lord willing, we're looking to begin the new year with a 3rd church plant here in our city of Kaohsiung. Every amount helps! If you'd like to give something towards our goal, checks can be written to Vision Baptist Missions and write "John Walz Compass Property" in the memo.

  • News from Two Churches and Souls Saved! 1. Compass Baptist We saw increased giving at our first church plant this month. Lord willing it is the result of church growth and spiritual maturity. As a church planter, it thrills me to see our people trust God with their finances and become generous like Jesus. It also means that God is providing for the men who have surrendered their lives to Him. 2. Second Mile Baptist Sam Huang was out passing out flyers before church service. He happened to come across an ex-gang member. Sam's testimony is that he was hesitant to approach him but did anyway when he saw his two young sons in tow. The man took the flyer and said, "I've been thinking, I should believe in something." The man followed Sam to church and heard the gospel. During invitation, he came forward and made a profession of faith and has been coming to services ever since! I'm thanking God gave Sam fruit for his labor. Sam has been greatly encouraged to get the gospel to everyone! It's exciting to see what is happening now in two church plants in the lives of our men who have surrendered themselves to God's work!

Ian, Eli and Liam

Vision Baptist Missions P.O. Box 442 Alpharetta, GA 30009 Memo: JOHN WALZ

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