• T. S. Morrell

Walz Apr 2021 - Taiwan

Second Birth Baptist Church Opens!

God is good! He has enabled us to start a third church plant in our city with a young man, Josh Wong, that has been training with us for the last two years. Josh came to Christ when he was 16 at our first church plant, now that he’s 21, he’s been afforded the opportunity to serve God full time preaching the Gospel to people who have never heard it before!

First and second Sunday at Second Birth: Josh’s family and two other guests came to the first Sunday service. Adam Walz, my nephew invited an older gentleman that has been coming each service and Thursday night bible study seen in the picture on the right. Adam’s friend’s name is Mr. Hong. He is 60 but is uncommonly open to the Gospel, asking questions and faithful in attendance. Tonight was the 2nd time I’ve been able to personally explain the gospel to him. Pray for our new guests salvation!

Church plant #4 still on the Horizon, Only 29k Owed on Property

Compass Nanzhi Baptist: We have purchased the property and it is now in our name! God had supplied a total of $129,000 through giving both from others and our own church plants. We still owe an additional 29k for Compass to be totally debt free, a blessing to Pastor Peyton has he serve full-time. I met Peyton when he was 19 at his university. I gave him the gospel over a course of several months and he began helping me start our first church plant, Compass Baptist Church in Fengshan. Now, Peyton is starting his own church 6 years later, and we’re able to help him in a new nearly debt-free building! Additionally the property will need extensive renovations, some of which can be done over time. But God has already provided 50k dollars towards renovating! Church plant number 4 will also be called Compass Baptist, so don’t be confused when you see those two names. Our first church plant is Compass of Fengshan, and Peyton and I are starting Compass in Nanzhi, Lord willing very soon. If you’d like to give towards the building purchase, please write checks to Vision Baptist Mission and designate for “John Walz—Church planting.” Once this building is paid off, we’ll immediately be looking and praying for a second church property for Second Mile Baptist Church!

Second Mile Growing, Looking to Purchase Property

Second Mile: We are very proud of Sam Huang, his family, and the work they are doing. He is also working full-time in the ministry. Sam is able to maintain the work while allowing me to focus on the needs of other church plants. Sam has surrounded himself with young men, teenagers and has been discipling them. These young men have yet to make a profession of faith and come from non-christian families. Pray for these young men, they could very well be our next generation of church planters like Josh and Peyton! Last Sunday at Second Mile was a full service. With Compass Nanzhi property nearly settled, we’re praying about property for Second Mile and Sam Huang. Second Mile is currently renting a building in the heart of a growing community outside of Kaohsiung. As far as we know, Second Mile is the only gospel preaching church in his district. May the Lord bless His own work!

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