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Valentine's Banquet 2020 - Knowing Love

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Yes, Spring is the season of love and new beginnings and Valentine's Day rests upon a high hill overlooking the start of it all. It's no error to say that we Christians love love whether it be pure romantic love, accountable brotherly love, patient familial love or, of course, the all encompassing love of our heavenly Father, so the annual

Valentine's Banquet is a staple of our yearly event lineup. That being said, don't limit yourself by thinking the banquet is exclusively for couples, if that were true they would have thrown me out (I'm so lonely); in fact, everyone is welcome to attend. As is tradition, the youth were our gracious hosts, the proceeds going toward their ministry, and when I say "hosts" I mean it in the most literal sense. Our young people were on their feet all night waiting tables, pouring drinks, and providing entertainment with live music, singing and fun The Newlywed Game style quizzes hosted by MC Drew Ledford. It was really a treat seeing them all in their best dress; I was half expecting one of the girls to come around with a tray offering Cigars, Cigarettes and Tiparillos. Guests were also able to get their pictures taken in front of a large suspended heart adjacent to the entryway.

It's unsurprising that our youth should be the focus this time of year, after all, they're at an age where learning about love is paramount. Young people these days are constantly bombarded by false representations of love thanks to the music and television shows that cater to their demographic. These influences do, in no uncertain terms, a harmful disservice to the futures of the teens they're written for and, because of that, it's up to parents and mentors to teach the truth about love and sexuality as it is presented by God in His Word.

As always, thank you to everyone who came out and donated, thanks to the youth for their hard work and also a big thanks to the ever invaluable Hostess Committee for preparing the meals. Remember to keep our young people in your prayers as they live and learn and, as always . . .

God Bless.

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