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  • T. S. Morrell

Taking Donations for the Compass Baptist Church of Taiwan Building Fund

They've Accepted Our Asking Price! We Have the Opportunity to Purchase Property for Compass Baptist!

New Property for Compass Baptist Church in Kaohsiung Taiwan!

Today after services, we met the sellers in person and they agreed to sell Compass Baptist Church their property. The contract allows us a little more than 3 months' time to raise the necessary funds to purchase the property. After the property will need to be renovated so it can be used safely for church services.

  • $158,000 is what is needed to purchase the property.

  • $70,000 approximately will be needed to renovate.

  • We currently have $42,000 saved up.

We will need to raise $117,000 in 3 months' time!

Would you pray about helping? How To Donate By Check:

  1. Checks can be written to: "Vision Baptist Missions"

  2. Mail to: Vision Baptist Missions PO Box 442 Alpharetta, GA 30009

  3. Write "John Walz Compass Property" in the memo

  4. Notify us by email about your gift!

To Give Online:

  1. Click the Button Below to be taken to Vision's Giving Page

  2. Enter Amount

  3. For Designation select: "Taiwan Church Planting--John Walz Compass Building Fund"

  4. Notify us by email about your gift!

Important Note: This letter was penned in mid November so there's only about a month left before their due date. If you'd like to donate to this church plant, please do so as soon as possible. - TSM

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