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Mclaughlin Mar 2021 - Ivory Coast

Dear Friends,

I arrived back to Ivory Coast in January. What a blessing it is to be back on the field! During these early days, it was like God reached down from Heaven to help us here in very specific ways.

1. Customs at the airport – Upon arrival in Ivory Coast, each passenger’s suitcases are put through a scanner. At this point, any suitcase can be “flagged” for an additional inspection which often incurs fees. One of my suitcases was “flagged.” The next moment, the decision was reversed, and it was not searched.

2. Ministry materials – I shipped a crate containing medications and tracts for this term. The crate arrived, but we needed a medical authorization for its release. We sent out a special request for prayer. Six days later, we received the authorization.

3. Housing – I thought that I may have to move at the beginning of this term; however, the Lord opened a door for me to stay in my home. This has been my heart’s desire and is a wonderful answer to prayer.

PRAYER FOCUS • Wisdom in ministry decisions • God's leading to a reliable ministry vehicle • Villagers to grow; souls to be saved • Continued good health and protection

What a joy it is to be back in the villages and hear of how the Lord worked during my furlough. Madame Kra trusted the Lord as her Savior last fall. Since then, she has faithfully attended the Bingerville church and will complete our discipleship lessons soon. Also, the village team recently met a group of teens in Anan. One spoke up, “What can a person do to be saved?” He was saved that day. When I left, the village ministry had a new driver, and I honestly didn’t know how things would go. But God took care of the ministry.

"For thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands." (Ps. 92:4)

Thank you for praying me back to the field and for investing in the ministry here. We look forward to great days ahead!

For the joy of serving Him,


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