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  • T. S. Morrell

Lynn Nov 2020 - Ethiopia

After anxiously awaiting the last three months for Jakob’s passport to be renewed, we received it! With no time span given to make solid plans for our return, being patient was not easy. However, we were able to fill our time with ministry opportunities; and we were able to prepare everything we needed for our return flight. Praise God Jakob’s passport made it back, and we made it back to Addis Ababa on Monday, October 20th!

Upon arrival, we began quarantine. This gave us plenty of time to meditate on the excitement of God’s work in Ethiopia. We recalled how amazing it has been to see God provide over $151,397 toward the goal of $200,000 for the Permanent Light Project. While it has been a process of growth for our family in trusting God’s timing, we are encouraged by the many churches and individuals that have already given. As we wait on God’s timing, we see the opportunity for more churches to come along side of Bethel Bible Baptist Church to help them reach the goal of purchasing land. We are asking and praying for you to prayerfully consider giving towards the remaining $48,603. We also ask those who have already given to please continue to pray that God would impress on the hearts of brothers and sisters to join in what He is doing.

God has also used this time to remind us of how He is using the BBFI Ethiopia. The license He provided has been the avenue for 3 BBFI missionary families to receive work permits which provides government approval to teach the Bible and help other local churches. To continue this journey, we must renew the BBFI Ethiopia license each year. By God’s Grace, we have been approved for another year of work and are going through the process of renewing each families work permits.

With all the groundwork and progress that has been made, the BBFI Ethiopia has encountered new needs. These needs are also requirements from the government. We are required to show purchases made in Ethiopia for items to use in an office. Specifically, we need to purchase items such as a laptop, printer, desk...etc. In order to buy these items, we are in need of $1000. Would you pray about helping meet this need?

As we trust God for His provision, we want to say thank you to all who have been praying for our return to Ethiopia. God has used you to encourage our family, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you! Because you have been faithful to pray we can praise God that we are back!

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