• T. S. Morrell

Lynn May 2021 - Addis Ababa

The joy of watching kids grow is a wonderful journey to be a part of. There has been a group of 3 brothers coming for years now. The oldest is Niftalem(15). He has been a faithful young man who is always willing to help. Christian(13) is in the middle and Issachor(9) is the youngest. Recently Christian, who has just graduated out of Karissa’s class, went upstairs for one of our services. He sat in the classroom patiently waiting for Karissa to finish her lesson. Timidly, he asked Karissa to pray for him. As Karissa pursued his request he told her he wanted to trust Jesus as his Savior. It was a beautiful moment for her to be able to lead Christian to salvation. Upon hearing the news, we began talking about baptism. Please pray for Niftalem and Christian as they learn the importance of this step in their lives of following Christ.

Permanent Light

4 years ago, we began a journey that required a lot of prayer and assistance from you. Knowing the average income in Ethiopia, we asked the body of Christ to join Bethel in trying to purchase land. We knew the request was large, but God has answered our prayer through the many churches and individuals who gave. We have reached or Goal of $200,000! Praise the Lord! Please watch our thank you video by clicking the link below.

Thank You Video

  1. Permanent Light - Our goal has been met, but that leads us to a new prayer request. Would you pray for wisdom as we search for the right property.

  2. Jakob - Jakob has finished his 11th grade year of school. Please pray for him as he prepares for his senior year and future.

  3. Fromsa and His Family - Please pray for Fromsa and his family! After having their 3rd child, the family contracted COVID. This led to a month of quarantine at their home. Once they finished, Fromsa's mother contracted COVID. He took her to the hospital, and they would not let him leave for a week. When he got home he had to do another quarantine. This has caused him to miss a lot of time from his teaching job, church and Bible college classes.

This is Fromsa, his wife Blen, and children Matanya, Eliana and Baby Lael.

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