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Lauren Grant Oct 2020

In September, the Lord continued to bless, and I had the privilege to travel to share my burden for Peru with churches in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and  Mississippi. I also had the wonderful opportunity to be part of Vision Baptist Church’s Missions Conference. I am so thankful for Vision Baptist Church, Vision Baptist Missions, and the Our Generation Training Center for all they have done to help me learn, to be a missionary, and to serve the Lord.

Along with several of the Training Center students, I have spent each Saturday reaching out to the local community neighborhoods through outreach, sharing the Gospel, and inviting people to church. We have seen more and more kids picked up on our van routes, and I was able to bring two young girls to church recently. Would you please pray that these young people would realize their need for Christ, and be saved

Peru has officially opened its borders for international flights, but it is limited to only certain Latin American countries. Would you please pray that Peru would open and that I could get there in the Lord’s timing? 

I also want to invite you to attend the annual World Evangelism Fellowship on November 9-10 at Vision Baptist Church. This is a wonderful time of encouragement, information, and challenge for the cause of world evangelism. For more information and to register, check out

During October, I have meetings in Florida, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. I am praying that I can be a blessing to these churches. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! 

God bless, Lauren Grant Missionary to Peru Vision Baptist Missions

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