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Justin and Alanna Huston Sept 2020 Prayer Letter

For the first time since February, Justin and I escaped the confines of city life for more than just a few hours.  Any time spent in nature is restorative, but adding to that the adventures of driving across island for retreat and holiday has left us refreshed, relaxed, and ready for the next season.  

Justin and I led our first team retreat.  And I think it went really well!  We escaped with our team to County Donegal in the northwest of the country.  Our lakeside AirBnB offered the perfect atmosphere of peace and tranquility.  We spent time in the Word and prayer together, ate meals together, played games, and still had time for individual solitude.  Psalm 119:114, "You are my place of quiet retreat.  I will wait for your word to renew me," (message paraphrase) framed our time of "slowing down, laying down, and taking up."  We were praying each one of us would walk away refreshed in the Lord and I think he answered that prayer.  We prayed our team would be more united, and it feels like we walked away from a family vacation.

*Praise God with us for a wonderful team retreat!

After the retreat, Justin and I had plans to continue north for a week of much needed vacation.  We got the car all packed, hopped in, and couldn't go anywhere.  The "gear box" aka transmission was shot.  And we were at the end of gravel drive 10 minutes outside a tiny town in rural Ireland.  After finding cell service and a tow truck, a taxi and a sandwich, we waited on a bus to take us to the closest city with a car rental service.  Nothing was going to stop this vacation!  When the bus arrived only three people got on from the crowd.  It was Covid restrictions full.  Luckily, it seems, another bus pulled up a few minutes later going to another larger town with a car rental.  Granted it was in the opposite direction we wanted to go, but we happily hopped on.  We eventually rented a car and retraced our steps north to start our holiday. 

It rained every single day with one storm bringing wind strong enough to keep us inside all day.  Our car managed to get us home after days in the shop, but barely.  It's still broken.  I'm sharing these crazy adventures and seemingly depressing stories because, ultimately, they didn't win the day.  We prayed fiercely for this holiday, we had others praying for this holiday, and God answered.  We had a fabulous vacation.  None of these events stole away the fun and relaxation of a good vacation.  There was no luck involved, it was God's hand of protection.  Justin and I explored the beauty of Donegal and laughed along the way.  We desperately needed a break and a refresher, and God provided.  I think we are now better prepared to enter the autumn with renewed strength, stamina, and hope.

*Praise God with us for protecting our vacation.

As we arrived home from our blessed vacation we received news that my mother-in-law has contracted Covid.  It was kind of our worst fear, as she is already battling cancer, but so far her symptoms have not been severe.

*Please pray for Alma Huston's healing from Covid.  Pray for the family there trying to care for her from a distance as we do the same from Ireland.

As always, thank you for your prayers and partnership!  We appreciate it more than we can say.


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