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John Walz Taiwan October 2020 Prayer Letter

Second Church Plant to Begin this Month

We’ve chosen a name for the second church plant, “Second Mile Baptist Church”. We’ve learned that people often ask why we chose “Compass” as our first church’s name and every time we have been able to use the name to explain the gospel. So we’ve chosen a name that would continue that tradition. Jesus went above and beyond to save sinners.

Our first service will begin in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we have a long checklist of work that needs to be done. We need to buy tables, chairs, tracts... everything a new plant needs to get up and going. Then we want to canvass the area multiple times before the first service begins. You can pray that God would bless His work as we are out and about.

You can pray for Sam and his wife Jane as they start this church with me. Sam will have the opportunity to pastor this church in the coming days. But first, he will be assisting me in the church plant to continue his training. Sam will be transitioning from working secular work to full-time ministry so his faith will be put to the test in the coming days. Pray for Sam and Jane Huang.

Prayer Retreat

We spent 2 days alone in the mountains seeking God. With the busy schedule up and coming, it’s easy to be focused on everything else. But if all we have is everything and not God, then it’s all a waste. God worked while we were together praying and preaching to the interns. Missionaries Kanon and Nancy Bloom were able to take part and encourage the young men and young ladies. During the prayer retreat, one of the things we prayed over was all the properties we have recently looked at to purchase for Compass Baptist. We’ll be looking to the Lord as we try and raise the necessary funding. If you would like to donate, please send checks to Vision Baptist Missions and designate for “Walz-Compass Property” in the memo!

Third Church Plant in the Plans for Later This Year, Early Next Year

Progress in a third church plant is already further along than you might think. We have already pinpointed two areas in the city where we can begin. I’ll be looking to start another church plant once Second Mile Baptist Church is underway and having regular services. Lord willing He will bless greatly and see many souls saved and disciples made!

God is Working

Last Sunday service at Compass we had a visitor who indicated he was not saved, however, he did not come forward. This is a typical response. Most of our folks who are saved made professions of faith while a friend or pastor followed up on them privately. Recently there have been many new guests who have visited Compass. Pray for them and for our young men in training who are following up on them. Pray God would stir their hearts to be urgent about His business!

Compass Baptist Church of Kaohsiung Taiwan, Our first church plant, is in need of purchasing a piece of property.  We can help them along with our special missions giving.  Would you consider giving towards their need?

Contact us or click here for more details.

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