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John & Alisha Walz Taiwan September 2020 Prayer Letter

We’ve Made It!

Our third missionary journey has officially begun as we boarded the plane for Taiwan this month.  We arrived without any significant trouble entering the country.  Currently we are in quarantine until the days be fulfilled and we can travel to our home city. Once that happens, we can begin looking for a special needs school. So we have a few family issues to put into order before working in earnest towards a new church plant.

Last Minute Blessings, Salvations, and Surrender

During our furlough for the last year, I’ve had the privilege to spend time together with a friend studying God’s word together.  God blessed our time together and my friend recently has perceived the Lord’s call on his life to enter into full-time ministry. The Chandler family, Tyler and his wife Brianna are a young, hard working couple with two toddlers and one on the way.  We’ve watched God work in their lives the last several years and I am blessed by Tyler’s faithfulness to the Lord and his family.  Pray with me for them as they seek training and the Lord’s will.

For our last Sunday together, our home church in Ohio asked me to preach a farewell sermon.  I asked Tyler to prepare a 5 minute sermon and we worked on it all that week.  Tyler’s mom and dad came to church that day to hear their son preach and he did a wonderful job.  At the close of the service 4 young people came forward and 2 gave their heart to Christ.  God has already used Tyler’s testimony and preaching to see others saved.

As a reminder for you to pray, we are planning, Lord willing to plant a further two churches in the near future.  Also we are beginning an evangelistic campaign in the villages that may result it several small village churches surrounding our city.  I believe God is going to bless this and do something big in Taiwan.  I pray the Gospel here will spill over into all of Asian countries surrounding us.

Giving Opportunity in Taiwan

We are well on our way to raising what is needed for purchasing property for Compass Baptist Church. Total giving for the property as reached 20k.  We are looking to raise a total of 150k to purchase a basic property to establish Compass Baptist as a financially independent church.  I would ask you to pray about giving any amount towards this need.  It would be a great investment for preaching the gospel in Taiwan and training new leaders for many years to come.  Checks can be written through Vision Baptist Mission, John Walz Church Planting fund. Or you can visit the site below for more info.

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