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Grant Nov 2020 - Peru

The Lord is faithful and has continuously blessed! I started deputation on January 1, 2019. Then, in February 2020, the Lord provided the funds, and I bought my tickets to leave for Peru on June 16! However, due to the virus, my tickets were canceled. Since that time, I have continued deputation all the while praying for the Lord to open the door for me to get to Peru. I am so excited to announce that Peru has re-opened, and I have re-purchased my tickets. I will be leaving for the field on December 31, 2020!! I will be arriving in Peru on January 1, 2021, exactly two years after I started deputation! The Lord is so good, and I am always amazed at how He has provided! Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support. I am grateful for partners in the ministry, those who are holding the rope as I seek to serve the Lord, and I am encouraged by your prayers. Would you continue to pray for me as I prepare to move and begin language school?

One of the blessings of being part of Vision is the opportunity to invest in the lives of other young ladies who are training to be missionaries. I had the opportunity to teach for one of the weekly girls’ classes at the Our Generation Training Center. I also got to serve in the AWANA program, and I am thankful for the opportunities to teach and work in these ministries.

God bless,

Lauren Grant

Missionary to Peru

Vision Baptist Missions

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