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Grant Jan 2021 - Peru

I have officially arrived in Arequipa, Peru! On December 31, 2020, a group of twelve, the Gardner family, the McCormack family, Andrew Wilder, and I, left the United States. We landed in Peru on January 1, 2021, exactly two years after I began deputation. I am extremely thankful for how the Lord has faithfully provided to get me to the mission field. Furthermore, I am grateful for your continued prayers and support.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be working to set up a home and life here in Arequipa. After that, I will be starting language school at the Peru Bible College. Please pray with me that the Lord would give me the language quickly.

In December, both Vision Baptist Church, and my home church, Locust Grove Baptist Church, held send off services for me as I was preparing to leave for the field. The Lord used these services as I was greatly blessed and encouraged. I sincerely love and appreciate both of these church families for all of their prayers and support.

From December 28-30, Vision Baptist Missions hosted the annual Our Generation Summit, which was one of the best yet! It was at the Summit exactly three years ago that I surrendered to serve the Lord in missions. I thoroughly enjoyed the preaching and teaching sessions this year. Moreover, I am excited that we saw 52 young people sign the pledge dedicating their lives to serve the Lord! God has truly blessed, and I pray we continue to see more young people surrender to follow the Lord wherever He may lead them.

God bless, Lauren Grant Missionary to Peru Vision Baptist Missions

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