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Gardner Feb 2021 - Peru

Dear Pastors and praying friends,

January has been a busy and exciting month. We are thankful for how God has continued to bless us and to show his faithfulness. New Missionaries: We arrived back in Peru on January 1st along with Lauren Grant and Mitch and Jackie McCormack, missionaries to Peru as well as Andrew Wilder, missionary to Bolivia. Later, Stephen and Ashlee Underwood, missionaries to Argentina, also joined us. All four of these missionary families have arrived in Arequipa to complete language school. Throughout the month of January, we helped them set up their homes to get ready to start classes, and we are excited that they began language school on February 1st. Lord willing, they will be able to finish classes and speak fluently within a year. Please pray for them as this is a big transition time with language, culture, and adaptation. Omega Baptist Church: Throughout the pandemic, there have been a lot of changes for Omega Baptist Church, but God has used them for His honor and glory as well as for the growth of the church. The government has imposed restricted services once again, and we are not supposed to meet. However, many of our people still want to gather as a church, and they are coming to watch us film our live services. Because of the pandemic, we do not know what the next steps are, therefore, as a church, we have decided to give up our building in town. We have currently moved the church to the Bible College, and have decided to stay here until we are able to find a piece of property. This will allow us to continue saving towards the purchase of land. As of now, we have approximately $27,000 saved for the church property, and we are so grateful for all of the churches that have given. Most recently, Grace Baptist Church in Tremont, IL gave a generous love offering for the property fund, and we are so thankful for how God is continuing to provide through supporting Pastors and partnering churches. Love Baptist Church: Love Baptist Church was started right before the lockdowns and pandemic, however, despite the limitations, God has continued to bless. Pastor Paul Cruz told us the story of a little girl who asked to speak with him on the street one day. When he went to talk to her, she told him that she wanted to go to church, but that her parents would not let her go. She asked him to invite them to church so that she could hear him preach. Just like this little girl and her family, there are new people visiting Love Baptist Church all of the time, and we are excited to see how God is working in the midst of all of this. Thank you for so much for your prayers and support. We are so thankful for each of you who take time to read our letters. David and Katie Gardner Missionaries in Peru Vision Baptist Missions

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