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Gardner Family - Oct 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and praying friends, 

Though this year continues to be uncertain for us in many ways, we are trusting the Lord that we are in the right place at the right time, and He is going to use us while we are here in the States, and that He will open the doors for us to go back as soon as He sees fit. Peru Update:

The Peruvian government announced that on October 5th they would open the borders to international flights, however, only to a very limited number of countries. There are only seven Latin American countries allowed to travel in and out of Peru. They will be making a decision in the near future to decide when other countries will be allowed to travel to Peru, and the requirements for traveling. We have heard that each member of the family must have a negative Covid test 72 hours before they will be allowed to enter into the country. Please pray that we would know all of the requirements, and that we would hear something soon about when we could get back into Peru.

Pastor’s School:

In the month of October, we have been hosting Pastor’s school for over 20 years. This is the first time in its history that we will not be having live services, but we will be transmitting it over the internet. We hope that God will use this to grow our reach that we could impact many more people for the ministry, to encourage other Pastors, and to be a blessing in the growth of churches around Peru and South America. Please pray as we are finishing all of the preparations, and for the conference on October 13th-16th. Omega Church Property:

We have not been meeting in our church building since March 15th, and we have come to an agreement with the landlord that we will not pay rent until we go back to the building. We are not sure what that will look like or if we will even return to the building. We are praying and asking God to use this time to provide a property for us. The church has $3,000 saved, and we have received $12,000 in offerings from others here in the States, so we have a total of $15,000 for Omega’s church property. We need between $150,000-$220,000 for a new property. So I ask that you would continue to pray that God would provide those funds. 

NEW CHURCH PLANT - Love Baptist Church:

In January, we helped with a new church plant, Love Baptist Church. In March, they were closed down and still have not been able to meet, but God is using Pastor Paul Cruz to do a great work, and we are continuing to pray that the Lord will use him. He has seen many people saved, and God is continuing to grow the ministry. Please pray for Pastor Paul Cruz, and his wife Paola, as they are continuing to serve the Lord even in these trying times. Thank you for your prayers and support! David and Katie Gardner Missionaries in Peru Vision Baptist 

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