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Beachy Update Aug. 2020

CAREFULLY moving forward. We hope this email update finds each and everyone of you remembering how kind and gracious our Lord is to us every single day…even if our plans are changed. It’s a little difficult to believe that it was almost 5 months ago when our “regularly scheduled programming” came to an abrupt halt and we had to learn to minister and function in a very different manner.

Mexico has moved from “Phase Red” but we are far from all restrictions being lifted until “Phase Green”

It was a real joy to be able to celebrate, via meeting online, with our six B.I. students who experienced crossing the “finish line” in a very unique way. While it was hard to not be able to be physically together, we sang songs over the internet and had one of the teachers from his home give an encouraging message to motivate the graduates in their walk with the Lord after finishing the two years of study. We feel very confident that many more lives will be impacted by observing how each individual walks with God and will be used by our Lord to minister to a lost and dying world. As the school year for both our kids and the Bible school came to a close we began to prepare for the new ministry opportunities that would arrive throughout the summer. With Ryan continuing his role as director of the B.I. he was responsible for carrying out more administrative needs such as attending meetings, writing more emails and creating a plan for a hopeful return to classes in August.

While we as a family prepared ourselves to face another hot summer in the  Chihuahua  desert  our oldest, Caleb, was preparing for a new adventure. The Lord graciously kept the doors open so that Caleb   could be involved at a Bible camp in Florida. It was wonderful for us to hear how the Lord used Caleb to help younger children come to know and grow in their walk with the Lord. Unfortunately, the camp schedule was cut short due to COVID and everyone   had to  leave the campus immediately. This was of course discouraging for our son to hear,  but he was thankful  for the 6 weeks he was ALLOWED to have at camp. Even after Caleb himself tested  positive  for  COVID his attitude never changed in regards to thanking the Lord for His work in his life. (side note: Caleb only had a low grade fever and loss of smell for 5 days then made a FULL recovery). In the middle of summer we helped the mission by taking care of the guesthouse for 10 days in El Paso. It was an extra blessing for us as a family, as it was the first time in 12 months we could be in the guesthouse together. After arriving back home in Chihuahua, Ryan received an email that would drastically change the plans for the B.I.’s week of orientation. However, by the grace of God we were able to make some necessary changes (even find a new speaker) and were able to see 25 people attend the conference. Because of government rules we decided to have the meetings outside. It did get quite warm, but each day the Lord provided a nice breeze to help us stay focused on the message.

This week the Bible school begins it new school year. It will look very different, but we are full of thankfulness to even be able to meet together. Like many schools, our restrictions are high, but our trust remains in the Lord and not in protocols. We would ask that you would pray that the Lord would remind us to run to Him with each day’s opportunities and challenges. Thank you for being a faithful part of what the Lord is doing here in Mexico.

In His Grace,

Ryan, Rebecca, Caleb, Naomi, Judah and Elijah

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