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Andrew Wilder Sept. 2020 Prayer Letter

I am excited to announce that I am at 67% of my needed support! God is doing big things and am so thankful for every supporter. I had 3 churches take me on over the last month and praying for more this month. Please continue to pray for me and that the Lord would continue to raise the rest of the needed support. 

A couple of months ago, my roommate and I went jogging. As we were jogging past this house a guy jumped out of his car and came running to us. He saw that we were getting after it and wanted some new friends since he just got out of rehab. I got his number and texted him the next morning to see when he was available. He responded and said “how about in 20 minutes?”. I said “ok, come on over”, so we worked out, had a Bible study and grabbed lunch. Over the past few weeks we have been meeting up and studying the Bible. I asked him after one of the Bible studies had he ever put his faith in Jesus and he said “no”.

I didn’t pressure him, but told him he could do it anytime since we had been talking about biblical salvation. A week or two passes and we get done with a workout and he says “I need to get saved”. I was puzzled and said “right now!?”. He said “yes”. So we went to the front porch and told him to turn to Romans 10:9-10. He then talked with God and got saved! 

God is still working in the lives of young people and it’s awesome to see how God uses a

nobody like me to tell others about a somebody named Jesus! I hope this encourages you and you never know who God could put in your path to share about Him! 

Keep the faith and stay safe, until next time…

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