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Alvarez Nov 2020

Dear Brethrens in the Lord,

Greetings in Christ name!

I would like to update you about our ministry for the past months and what we’ll be doing moving forward this last quarter.

The Church planting project in Bacoor and Bulihan led by Haniel is still continuing, let’s constantly pray for the ministry here to reach more souls and pray with us that we can find a place of worship or a property for us to gather currently we are having services at their homes. We have 3 Home-Church Services at Bacoor that are conducted every Sunday having 5 to 12 attendees and 1 Home-Church at Haniel’s Church Planting.

Things had happened unexpectedly. Last 11 September 2020 (Friday), I was caught in a minor accident just in front of our church’s gate. I was blocked by the SUV car in front of me and didn't see the motorcycle coming. Then in a flash, the motorcycle hit me that ruined our car’s bumper and grill. At first, I thought it was a motorcycle rider's fault but when we saw the CCTV that I am more at fault. Instead I paid damages to the motorcycle and rider. Thank God for His protection to me and even the driver of the motorcycle who only had a

few bruises. We went to the doctor of Josiah because for more than a week he had a toothache and was taking pain relievers only. The good news was his nerves are working and he doesn't have tooth decay. The doctor advised him not to drink too cold or too hot water. His scars are healing. The doctor recommended plastic surgery for his scars and it will cost. Josiah would like to take a special course and we are also praying for his tuition fee and miscellaneous of $1,500 as he will be enrolling to study Culinary at Apicius Culinary School.

Moving forward, we plan to increase the home services in Cavite and to find a rental area where we could gather or a lot that we could construct a building in. Despite the pandemic the ministry is continuing and we will be resuming our children ministry and the postponed baptism in Bacoor in the last week of November. Thank you for your partnership in the ministry.

In Christ glory,

Oliver & Raquel


If it is possible to support our son Haniel or separate a $5 for Haniel from our support and write in the memo of the check to IBMA. We will appreciate it very much. Herein is Haniel’s attached report.


2nd and 3rd Quarter Report

Dear Supporting and Praying Brethren,

Greetings in Christ’s name!

For the past 2 quarters here are the updates to our Mission work at Bulihan Silang, Cavite. The mission is continuing despite what we are experiencing today, we have 3 new bible studies as a result of our children ministry in Bulihan Area.

Online Service is still done within the Bernal and Porsado Family who are candidates for Baptism since outsiders are still not allowed to enter their subdivision.

Pray for us as we have our baptism having 7 candidates on November 22,2020. We have also extended our ministry to their relatives in Japan through online bible study. Also I am praying for a means of transportation and a private vehicle today is much safer. Overall we are still moving forward, we are having regular services and encouraging all of us to keep on sharing to those around us.

Resting in Christ,

Bro. Haniel Oliver Alvarez

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