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A Word from the Walz Family

This is a story that will encourage you to do more for God!

Second Mile Baptist Church's third Sunday was today. Sam went out before service started to pass out flyers. We have seen the flyers produce first time guests and so Sam was encouraged to do a little more before service began. He walked into town to the grocery store and saw this young man outside. Sam explained him to me as someone "who was not like likely to come to church". I knew what he meant. This young man perhaps is not well-mannered as other Taiwanese folks are and he is probably addicted to a local substance that many men use to pass the time. But simply because Sam had his "lure in the water", this man took the flyer, came to church and was saved. His name is "Ah-he" 阿和.

New Guests and Return Guests Return to Compass as Compass pushes to purchase property. After 14 days we have seen the generosity of God's people give $7,500 towards our $39,000 goal for this month. Would you pray about giving? We will need to raise a total of $158,000 before we're able to purchase our property! Much work will be needed to renovate and make the property safe and usable! it will not be long we will be looking to purchase another piece of property for our second church plant! Also, keep an eye open for a third church plant next year. To God be the glory!

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