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Price July 2021 - Bolivia

Dear Partner's and Friends,

We hope your summer has gotten off to a good start and that the Lord is blessing you each day. We want you to know that we appreciate your interest, prayers and support of our ministry in Bolivia and other area of Latin America. We are honored and blessed to be involved in the Lord's work, and we are grateful that you are taking time to read this short report. Over the next few days, you can find more information and pictures about some of the work that is highlighted in this letter on our website ( under the "News" section.

It is always a blessing to see what God does when people remain faithful. We have recently returned from an 8-week trip that saw us drive over 11,000 miles and visit 17 states to report on the work in Bolivia and discuss upcoming plans. While doing so, we have also been helping our faithful Bolivian ministry partners move forward in assisting people in need and spreading the Gospel. Here are a few highlights.

  1. Medicine and Counseling have been provided for Pastors, Church members and many people in the communities in which we work how have been sick with COVID.

  2. Children who have been orphaned in the pandemic have been connected with family or caregivers.

  3. Dental supplies have been provided to help church planters reach into new communities.

  4. Winter clothing has been bough and given to the children who had nothing to protect them from the cold. It is now winter in Bolivia and this was an urgent need.

  5. Food has been provided in two new communities where new ministry projects are underway.

  6. Floors for the new Sunday School classrooms are scheduled to be poured this week at Iglesia Bautista La Luz.

A special prayer request: The Church (Iglesia Bautista Comunidad Cristiana de Restauracion) that was started in February of 2021 is ministering to about 160 people on a weekly basis. This church has a few needs. First, we need a bigger place to meet that will accommodate a growing Church. Second, we need Bibles, chairs and some sound equipment. Please pray that the Lord will guide us to the right spot to meet and and provide funds for these needed items.

As you may have seen here, Sandra finally had surgery on her foot. This had been rescheduled from last year because of COVID restrictions in the hospital where the surgery was to be performed. however, she is non-weightbearing on her right foot until about the middle of August. From there, we will make one more road trip to report to some of our ministry partners before traveling to Bolivia.

Working on two continents at the same time has been interesting, stressful, but ultimately a blessing. However, the real blessing is to see lives impacted by the various endeavors we have been involved with from afar.

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