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Mike and Army Martin Sept. 2020 Prayer Letter

If someone would have told Charis that she would be spending her gap year in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she would have said,“No way! That is not where I want to go. The Lord would not be calling me there."  Yet, just over 2 weeks ago we drove about 6 miles away from our house and dropped her off at Bridge Street Ministries, where she will be living and serving this next year.  We are calling it her "Nineveh."  As the world continued to remain fairly closed to international travel, we started to look at different options for Charis to spend this next year as she figures out who she is away from family and away from Sentani.  When we got news that the original plans for her gap year had been canceled, we were already prepared to move her to Bridge Street.

Although it was initially a huge disappointment for Charis, she had a great attitude. Two weeks into the program, we have heard only good things. Charis (green shirt) is getting to know her team and settling well into her new home.  We are so grateful that she has a great place to belong and to serve this next year!Click here for info about Charis and her "Bridge Year"Now that Charis has a place to be, Mike and I are free to return to Indonesia. Even though Amy's visa expires on October 5, we have gotten the green light from our local sponsors to return and process the renewal. Due to COVID shutdowns, an extended deadline of December 31, 2020, has been granted to give more time to process the visa.  We will be starting the long trip back on September 26, trusting the Lord that Amy's visa will be processed before the December deadline.  Please pray for an uneventful trip back through the maze of new requirements, one of which is this letter below, proving that we have tested negative for COVID within 7 days of travelling in Indonesia. We will need to present our papers each step along the way.  

Our first time returning to Indonesia as empty nesters also means some changes to our life in Papua.  We plan to spend more time in our village home.  While we would never say that we are EAGER to live in the village, we are enthusiastic to serve our Kosarek brothers and sisters alongside of Adit and Putri. We are eager to finish the final comprehension checks for the New Testament translation.  We are excited to be able to do some Bible teaching and evangelism using the Kosarek Scriptures. We can't wait to distribute the 200 shirts we had made in the Kosarek language to people who demonstrate they are actively memorizing the Scriptures.  And we are looking forward to sleeping on a real mattress in our mountain home!

We have served in Kosarek for over 17 years. Now that Amy has turned

"the BIG 5-0," we decided it was time to invest in a good night's sleep.

We're thankful that...

  • We were able to visit all 10 supporting churches in person, even with the COVID way of life.

  • Charis has found a place to belong and have an impact this year, while Creston and Ethan both seem to be doing well in their current situations.

  • A nephew will be staying in our Grand Rapids home, meaning we do not need to pack up everything we own as we head back to Indonesia.  

Pray with us for...

  • Our return travel to Indonesia amid the numerous added requirements due to COVID.

  • Our adjustment to empty-nesting and full-time village living.

  • Creston's training at the Air Force Academy over the next couple of months, which will largely determine his future assignment.

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