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  • T. S. Morrell

Lynn Mar 2021 - Addis Ababa

Candle Light Prayer Service

Many of you may remember that the Ethiopian calendar is similar to the Julian calendar; and therefore, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th. This year we had a special candle light prayer service on Christmas Eve. Our church family enjoyed this time as we prayed for our country leaders, families in the church, God’s provision of land, and many other requests. It was a beautiful time to remember the birth of Christ and have fellowship with brothers and sisters.

Searching for land

We have been saving to purchase land for over 3 1/2 years, and we are close to our goal ($158,580.12 of $200,000). This has enabled us to start the search for buying property. The process is very difficult, and there are several steps to confirm that the land is legitimately for sale. The process can include learning that the area is zoned for residential, the landowner’s documents are false, or the local tribes and government are in dispute over the land. There are too many ins and outs to share in a letter, but the need is clear. We need prayer!

Youth Service & Event

It is hard to imagine how long it has been since Bethel has had a youth service and event! By God’s grace, we were able to have one the last Sunday in February. The teens had a great time, and we were thankful that one of our men, Fraol, was willing to share his testimony and encourage our youth to “follow Christ now, Don’t wait!”.

Prayer Requests

  1. Permanent Light - Out goal is $200,000 for land. God has blessed Bethel with $158,580.12 so far! Please keep praying for God's provision!

  2. Discipleship Classes - We were able to restart out Discipleship classes. Praise God for this blessing!

  3. College Classes - O, February 2nd, we were able to start our Bible college classes once again. Please be in prayer for a couple of the guys (Biruk & Mussie) who have ad schedule changes since COVID began. They are planning on rejoining in class sessions by mid March. Until then, we have been recording the classes so they can keep up; but we are looking forward to having everyone back in person. Please pray for Biruk, Fromsa, Mussie, and Pawlos!

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