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Light of Morocco Radio August Update - Aaron Bashore

Dear Friends of LoM Radio,       The last few summer months have been full ones. Corona Virus restrictions were briefly and partially lifted in Morocco until a recent uptick in cases has shut travel off between cities and threatens to send people back into their homes again. The economy in a macro and family level are suffering and people are feeling the strain and stress.        During this time Light of Morocco Radio has continued to broadcast a live weekly call-in show as well as field calls and texts from all over the country. Even though we cannot visit Morocco yet and the brothers on the ground, including our two Gospel Pilgrims, are not allowed to leave the city, God is still working in some astounding ways.        I cannot share it all with you but let me share a few of those who are responding so that you can pray for them by name:  -Sinan from Kenitra- He claims that he has believed on Christ by searching for information online since being stuck at home during the corona virus quarantine. He is a minor so the situation is also sensitive.  -Abdel Latif from a mountain farming community- He is also a minor and is asking for a Bible. He is afraid of his family finding out so he wants sufficient notice to be able to meet the mail carrier before he gets to his house. Travel for our Gospel Pilgrims in Morocco is still not allowed.  -Abdel Haq, taxi driver in Casablanca- This contact from Arabic Bible Outreach has been meeting with Pastor Said for almost a year. He sometimes declares himself to have embraced Jesus and at other times wants to reconcile his old system with the new. Pray for him to receive the exclusive claims of Jesus on his heart.  -Ahmed in Meknes- He is also requesting a Bible and is intrigued by the radio content.  -Brahim from Agadir- He has requested a Bible for his daughter. He says she is interested and he considers himself an open-minded Muslim so he doesn't mind if she reads other faiths. Wouldn't this be an amazing way for a father to be born again?  -Mohammed from Rabat- He has listened to the radio and called in recently to talk live. He is stuck, as many are, on the point of the trinity. Marwan has spent some time trying to explain this point. Pray for him and so many others tripped up at this same stumbling stone.  -Ghafour in the plains of Khoribga- Ghafor claims to have believed on Christ seven years ago. Since that time his daughter has come to faith but his wife has not yet believed. For three years he has been listening to Light of Morocco on satellite TV. He called Pastor Marwan this week. He shared his testimony and asked for a visitor. He knew Marwan's voice from the radio broadcasts so he had a high level of confidence that Marwan was a real believer (there are many false ones) and a safe person. Pray we can get to this brother soon.   Other requests: -Pray for Said's oldest sister Fatima. She found out last month that she has cancer. This is a new experience for Said's whole family. This dear lady gave us a hand made rug ten years ago when we sat and drank tea at her home. Said has prayed over her in Jesus' name. After 13 years of witness no one in Said's family as embraced his faith. Could this be the opportunity for them to see some convincing miracle by the hand of God? -A member of Marwan's family, Yousef, is having a similar crisis but of a different kind. He has dropped out of high school and is stealing his parents things in order to buy a common street drug that destroys the mind. Marwan is stepping in to help bring this teenage cousin to his house.  Could it be that in both of these situations God may be able to show himself strong in the eyes of these two families and bring many to faith? 

Thank you for your prayers for Light of Morocco Radio! 

In Christ,

Aaron Bashore

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