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Kristine Mclaughlin Sept - Oct 2020

Dear Friends,

     Thank you for your prayers since my last letter.  The Lord has answered a request that I am excited to share with you.  In Anan, the village had elections without difficulty, and the new chief is actually a friend of our national ministry leader.  This is a great answer to prayer that should be a real help to us in future ministry. 

     Over the next month, I will wrap up furlough travel with meetings in Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.  Due to recent political unrest and violence, BIMI does not recommend that I return to Ivory Coast at this time.  Presidential elections are scheduled for October 31st.  We are in real need of prayer, especially during the end of October and into November.  Pray that elections will take place as scheduled, that the results will be accepted, and that there will be a peaceful transition of power afterwards.  The Lord has blessed us with years of peace in Ivory Coast, and we are eager for this to return.  (I was approved to serve temporarily at an evangelistic medical center in Papua New Guinea from November to January.  However, there is currently a hold on visas to Papua New Guinea.)   

     While traveling, the Lord has provided unique opportunities to share the gospel.  At a mechanics shop in Knoxville, the cashier asked, “What do you think about the coronavirus?” He was very open, and it was a joy to share Christ with him.  Later, I was at a gas station with a couple when a gentleman walked up and asked if he could pray with us.  Many have been open and have expressed their thanks for tracts.  It is exciting to see how God is accomplishing His purposes through current events.

     We anticipate a great year of ministry in 2021.  Please pray for us and for Ivory Coast.  What an encouragement it is to know that so many prayer warriors are standing with us in prayer.  I am grateful for you all. 

In Christ and for His service,


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