• T. S. Morrell

Kanon and Nancy Bloom Sept. 2020 Prayer Letter

Ministering in Taiwan: We were able to get out of quarantine and get to work ministering here in Taiwan for about four weeks now. We have been able to serve in a church plant our teammates, the Tolson family started early this year. They have been in the states to apply for missionary visas for the past few weeks and will be returning soon. It has been a blessing to be able to get back to preaching, teaching the Bible, and witnessing to people in Chinese. There are very few cases of COVID-19 here in Taiwan, so life is basically normal with nothing closed and no kind of social distancing measures in place. This is a blessing because it allows us to meet for church, witness to people, disciple people, pass out tracts, and make contacts without restrictions. We have been busy doing these things the past four weeks. Please pray we could see fruit from these efforts. Please pray for souls to be saved and for God to grow the church plant here. 

Please pray for Mr. Mao: I have had the chance to go share the Gospel twice now with a 91 year old man that lives nearby. He has quite the story. He fought for the National party against the Communist party as a teenager in the Chinese Civil War. The National party was beaten and fled to Taiwan. He also escaped and made it to Taiwan. While in Taiwan, because of some sort of mix-up he was accused of being with the Communist party and consequently spent time in jail. He finally was acquitted and now has outlived most of his family members and friends. I told him about Jesus and how Jesus is the only one that can save his soul from hell. He wasn’t ready to accept Christ and is confused thinking that lots of different religions can bring him salvation. Please pray for God to convict him of his need for Jesus! 

Pray for Mainland China: Please continue to pray for mainland China to open its borders. Currently because of COVID-19 restrictions the only American citizens that are allowed to enter are certain diplomats or those that have a letter from the Chinese government saying that them being in China is a necessary asset to the economy or welfare of China. Obviously, we don’t fall into either of those categories. Please pray that China would soon open its borders to regular American citizens like us.

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