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Elrod Sept 2021 - India

Dear Friends,

Many times we look at our plans and think we know what we need to be doing right now, but we are thankful that God’s plans are much better than ours. On three separate occasions this year, I have met with our team of men here to plan out the rest of the year. Each time those plans seem to have been thrown away as quickly as they were put together. One of the biggest difficulties, especially in a young ministry, is getting people to come back. We usually plan big services once a month as a means of inviting people for a special service (Friend Day, Family Photo Day, etc.). Due to covid restrictions, we haven’t been able to do that. Despite those restrictions, we have been having full services with people returning week after week. Unbelievers are being given the gospel, believers are being edified and we truly believe that God is being glorified through it all.

Many of you may remember me telling you about the Bible study that we were doing at Rajkumar’s family’s house on the north side of the city. Since I have been dividing most of my time between two different works, I wasn’t able to continue meeting with them. We don’t have a work on that side of the city, so I asked Rajkumar to pray about leading that Bible study there. Since then, his sister, who got saved last year, has rented a small room for them to meet. She does a small kids club on Saturdays and Rajkumar teaches the adults on Monday nights. I am encouraged to see two young believers take what they are learning from God’s word and teaching it to others. Pray God allows us more opportunities to reach into new areas of the city.

Prayer Requests:

  • Outreach: English classes, new Bible study in Bhalswa Dairy

  • Family Conference: Our family will be traveling to another city next month to speak at a family conference.

Yours to India,

Eric, Rebekah,

Olivia & Emilia Elrod

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