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Elrod Oct. 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

Over the past month, the Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to visit several of our supporting churches as well as some new churches. It is always a blessing to be able to see many of the people we met on deputation again a few years later. If you would like for us to come by your church while we are back, please let me know.

A special blessing I had this month was getting to travel with my brother as he preached a conference in New Mexico. While we were there the church had me present and have decided to partner with us to reach people in India with the gospel. With us both being in ministry in different parts of the world, we don’t get many opportunities like this to travel together. It was a great blessing! 

Earlier this month I called back to the visa office and asked about when we will be able to apply for our visas. We are still not able to apply due to the flight restrictions. We are still hoping that things will open again soon. 

The churches and pastors in Delhi are all doing great. It is exciting to see them begin to have services and hear of people returning to church and to have visitors for the first time.

As we look forward to getting back, we are thinking about our plans going forward. One of the things that that includes is purchasing land for a Bible college and also for one of the churches. There are many things that we will have to figure out between now and then and much red tape to cross, but we are trusting the Lord that He will provide in His timing and we will see the ministry become even more established.

Prayer Requests:

  • Business Visa: Pray we will be able to apply soon.

  • Churches & Pastors: Pray that the Lord will bless the plans for 2021.

Yours to India,

Eric, Rebekah, Olivia  & Emilia Elrod

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