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Elrod November 2020

Dear Friends,

The Lord has blessed the past month with more opportunities to visit several of our supporting churches. I’ve also had some other opportunities to teach and preach outside of our scheduled meetings as well.

I’ve been teaching a Masters Class on Friday afternoons at the Our Generation Training Center on the topic of Doctrinal Issues in Missions. It’s been a great time getting to encourage several missionaries that will soon be leaving for the field.

We were able to take part in a weekly meeting on Zoom with the Heritage Baptist Church in Bangalore, India with Bro. Adrian Hendricks. We visited their ministry last year and the Lord is using them in a great way. It was such a great blessing to be able to be a part of their service.

I was also able to speak at the pre-game meal for the football team at the high school I graduated from. Although we were “supposed to” be back in India by now, we are thankful for how the Lord has opened up some extra, special and unique opportunities to teach and preach that we would have otherwise missed.

We are thankful for the work still going forward in India. This month Bro. Brian Pratt, also serving in India, preached at the church in Chattarpur and Fatehpur Beri. The people were very encouraged by his message and fellowship.

More materials that we have been working to have translated were completed this month. We are working to have more and more materials translated for the Bible college we plan to start next year and also be a help to many of our Hindi-speaking brothers and sisters across India.

Thank you all for your continued faithful love and support for our family and the ministry in India.

Prayer Requests:

  • Business Visa & Return to India: Pray we will be able to apply soon. We are still prayerfully waiting to apply.

Yours to India,

Eric, Rebekah, Olivia & Emilia Elrod

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