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Elrod Jan 2021 - India

Dear Friends,

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to seeing all the great things God does in 2021.

In December, the pastors had a young men’s meeting at the church in Chattarpur. Fully understanding our responsibility according to 2 Tim. 2:2, they met together with these young men to preach the gospel to those that have not yet trusted Christ for salvation and challenged those that are believers to serve the Lord. Praying God continues to raise up more young men to preach the gospel in Delhi and across India.

Christmas time is one of our biggest events of the year in the ministry in Delhi. Each church has a special Christmas service. Many people came for the first time and heard the gospel.

The church in Patel Nagar has relocated to a building not far from where it previously was. This church is closer to central Delhi where the population is very dense. Their first service in the new building will be on January 12th.

Each year in India, the rent is increased by 10%. We praise the Lord that we were able to find a great location for half the price of the previous rent.

After the first Sunday morning service of this year in Chattarpur, a young man named Ram raised his hand during the invitation and wanted to talk to Pastor Sandeep about putting his faith in Christ. Please pray for Ram and many more in India still without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

God is working in a great way in India and we are excited that together, we get to be a part in it.

Prayer Requests:

  • Business Visa & Return to India: We are still prayerfully hoping that we will be able to apply soon.

  • Laborers For India: How are we going to reach a country the size of India? We need help! Pray that God would raise up more laborers for the country of India.

  • Bible College: We are still making plans to start upon our return to India.

Yours to India,

Eric, Rebekah,

Olivia & Emilia Elrod

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