• T. S. Morrell

Bloom Oct. 2020 Prayer Letter

Victory Baptist Church Plant: While here in Taiwan we are continuing to help in the church plant our teammates, the Tolson family, started back in March. God is blessing and we are excited about what God is going to do with this church plant. We have passed out hundreds of tracts and have met many new people in the area around the church. Please pray for many new contacts that have been made, that they will be open to the Gospel, accept Christ, be discipled, and get involved in the church. Thank you for your prayers! 

People in Darkness: Recently I was witnessing again to Mr. Mao (See last months prayer letter and please continue to pray for his salvation) and he was telling me that in Taoism (One of the main religions people follow in Taiwan) people believe that people if they live a good life can become a “god”. So when people in Taoism first hear about Jesus, they assume that Jesus is like one of the many “gods” they worship. He did good things so when he died he became a “god”. A couple days later a taxi driver I was witnessing to told me the same thing. I explained to both these people that Jesus always existed and has always been God. He became a man to save us, but there was never a moment he wasn’t God. This was something this taxi driver had never heard before. He thought of Jesus just as another “god” like the many “gods” he worships in Taoism. Please pray for God to open people’s hearts to the Gospel and that they could come to know the one true God.

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