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Bloom November 2002 - Taiwan

Thank you for praying for us!

It's not money, it's Jesus

About a month ago, a 39-year-old Taiwanese man named Carson saw the sign for the church here in Taiwan and contacted the church. Because of conflict with work, he wasn’t able to come to a church service, but I offered to study the Bible with him one-on-one. The first time we sat down to study the Bible together, he told me he was a Christian, but when I

asked him his testimony he just told me how at one point in his life when he was having financial difficulties he asked God for help. I explained to him that while God can help us with problems in our life, the most important problem we need to get resolved is our problem of sin and how it separates us from God. I asked Carson if he would like to ask Jesus to save him from his sin. He said he wanted to trust Jesus to cleanse him from his sin. Praise the Lord! Each week since then, I have been able to continue doing discipleship with Carson and he has started coming faithfully to the church’s midweek men’s Bible study. Please pray for his continued growth in the Lord and for God to help him be able to change his work schedule around so he will be able to start coming on Sundays to church.

Malaysian Comes to Christ

About 3 months ago, to help me keep improving in the language, I scheduled once a week to spend a morning working on Chinese with a tutor. I found a guy that is a senior in college from Malaysia to help me. (Even though he is Malaysian, he is of Chinese descent and so Chinese is his native language) Every time we would do class, I would try to share the Gospel with him. He started asking a lot of questions about the Bible. He had never heard of Jesus rising from the dead and many different Bible truths. I invited him to come to a Friday night youth Bible study at the church and he came. My missionary teammate Mark Tolson taught the lesson and shared a clear presentation of the Gospel. At the end of the lesson, he asked my Malaysian friend if he wanted to believe in Jesus for salvation. My friend said he did and made a profession of faith. Praise Jesus! Please pray for his spiritual growth.

Preaching on Chinese Social Media

Because of COVID-19, we have not been able to be in mainland China these past few months as originally planned. However, God has opened doors to keep getting the Gospel into mainland China from Taiwan. I have a Chinese social media account with a phone number not linked to my identity. I posted the QR code for the account on two different websites. There have been about 30 Chinese people that have added the account so far and I was able to private message each of them a recording I made of me preaching the Gospel in Chinese. Please be praying for God to open these people’s hearts to the Gospel. Also, please be praying for the borders of China to open up.

Recent Outreach Activity

We have been working hard trying to pass out tracts, meet people, and invite people to church. Praise the Lord, for the opportunity to get the Gospel into the hands of the

Taiwanese people. The majority of these people have never heard the Gospel and have never once attended a Bible-preaching church. We are praying for God to change that! Would you pray that God would continue to open doors to reach people in Taiwan with the Gospel?

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