• T. S. Morrell

Bloom Feb 2021 - Taiwan/Singapore

God is in control!

We are in Singapore

We made it safely to Singapore. We were given a visa-free 90-day stay. Our negative COVID test results came back within a few hours of taking the test at the airport meaning we didn’t have to quarantine. We were able to quickly find a short-term apartment rental to rent during our stay here. Recently, a Chinese family we just met in Singapore invited us over to their house for their Chinese New Year’s eve meal. Please pray for God to use us to be a witness to this family (Ken & Kelly and their two kids) and for them to come to know the Lord. In getting to know more about Singapore we have found that most people speak English as their native language, but there is also a large portion of people that speak Chinese. As one way to be a witness to both groups, we are getting a track printed with a Gospel message in both languages that we plan to hand out in the area we are staying. Even though we don’t have a long time in Singapore, would you pray that God would help us be a bold witness for Christ while we are here? Praise the Lord for having a great first couple of weeks!

Great Blessings

Our last couple of weeks in Taiwan were a real blessing. Nancy and I were able to visit another city in Taiwan named Kaohsiung. There I was able to preach at two different churches started by our missionary teammates the Walz family. Our last week in Taiwan, Nancy and I were able to help run a six-day children’s camp along with our missionary teammates the Tolsons, and people from the church plant in Taiwan, Victory Baptist Church. There were over 20 kids that attended each day. I was blessed with the opportunity to preach a Bible story and Gospel lesson each day. Nancy did a great job helping out in all kinds of ways from registration, to craft time, to making friends with several of the kids that came. Praise the Lord, three kids that came made a profession of faith. One of these three kids was the 9-year-old daughter of Carson, my friend who I was able to lead to the Lord and recently baptize. Please be praying now for Carson’s wife to get saved. She along with several other parents came to the final day of camp which is a church service where the kids sing some of the songs they learned during camp and everyone gets to hear a Gospel message. Although none of the parents said they wanted to get saved that day, praise the Lord for the seed that was planted. Please pray for these Taiwanese parents to come to know Christ as their Savior.

Please Pray for Borders to Open

Would you pray with us for COVID border restrictions to lift so missionaries can get back to their fields of service. Would you pray especially for the borders of Taiwan and China to open up? We are praying for China to open back up as we plan to return and begin church planting there if God opens that door. In these times, there is a lot of uncertainty, but we know that our God is in control and will be with us every step of the way!

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