• T. S. Morrell

Bloom Dec 2020 - Taiwan

God growing His church

God has been blessing Victory Baptist Church, the church plant we are helping out at here in Taiwan. Over the last 4 Sunday’s we have had 8 first time visitors and many return visitors. Also, this past Sunday was the second-highest attended service in the 9-month history of this church plant. Praise the Lord for all the people that have come and gotten to hear God’s word preached! We have been blessed to work alongside the Tolson family in this church plant over the past few months and are excited about what God is doing. The church is in a highly-populated area with no other Baptist church nearby. In contrast, multitudes of idol temples fill this area. People in this area need a solid Bible-preaching church that will preach the truth of Christ. Would you continue to pray for God to grow His church and for Victory Baptist Church to be a shining light in this area of spiritual darkness?

Carson growing in the Lord

Carson's Friend Harry

Please pray for their salvation as well as the salvation of his wife. Recently he brought one of his guitar students, a high-schooler named Harry to our youth Bible study on Friday night. He also told me how he was witnessing to Harry after the Bible study and answering questions Harry had. Please also pray for Harry’s salvation and for God to continue to use Carson to be a witness for Christ. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for a local drunk

One of our first days after getting out of quarantine here in Taiwan, Nancy and I were passing out tracts at a park near the church. We gave a tract and tried to witness to a guy at the park. I told this man that we were in Taiwan to preach the Gospel and that we were helping a church plant nearby.

Spiritual Darkness - Worshiping a Rock

He laughed at me and advised me that I shouldn’t try to do this because Taiwanese people believed in idol worship and wouldn’t ever convert to Christianity. A few weeks later, he walked by the church and saw me out front passing out flyers and was surprised to see that we were still here and that there was actually a church meeting. A few weeks later, this month of December he showed up at church for a service. Unfortunately, he had been drinking and though he asked for help with knowing God, his thoughts were too muddled for us to be able to help him. Please pray for the salvation of this man. Please pray for me an opportunity when he is sober to be able to sit down and study what the Bible says about salvation with him.

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