• T. S. Morrell

Bloom Apr 2021 - Singapore

Witnessing Opportunities:

Meeting new friends

This month we were able to continue passing out many tracts in the public housing complexes. We also followed up on some of the complexes we passed out tracts to with door-to-door evangelism. It is always interesting talking to people who open the door. When they open the door, we have to guess which language to address them in (Chinese or English) and many times we guess the wrong language which is an awkward way to start the conversation. While the majority of people that have answered the door haven’t been very interested in learning about Jesus, God has opened the door many times to share the Gospel with different people. One older Singaporean lady named Cindy wanted to ask us a lot of questions about the Bible. She even has allowed Nancy and I to study the Bible with her twice since first meeting her. She admits she is lost, but still says she has a few doubts before she is ready to believe in Jesus as her Savior. Please pray that Mrs. Cindy could come to faith in Christ.

Lighthouse Baptist Church:

While in Singapore we have found a good church to attend near where we are staying that we have tried to be an encouragement and blessing to. The church was started by a man from Singapore in 1989. The founding pastor passed away unexpectedly in 2014. The church hasn’t had a pastor since then. Recently though, a man around my age named Sean has felt God’s call to the ministry. I have tried to be an encouragement and help to him during our time here and am praying for God to help him in a great way as he trains to be a pastor. Please pray for God to continue to equip brother Sean in the ministry.

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