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Batac Nov 2020 - Philippines

It’s almost end of the year 2020, and I would want to greet you all a very advance merry & blessed Christmas! The pandemic starts early this year till today, and many might be thinking, “How can we celebrate the holidays at this time?” On that note aren’t we the ones to have that excitement to celebrate? Cause in the midst of this pandemic we have a big

God who is in control and alive.

“God sees the storm from the other side.

He knows the lessons learned and just beyond the clouds He sees clear

skies. He speaks peace to the raging storm when peace cannot be found.

He already sees the rainbow when we see only clouds.”

This song nailed it. Praise the Lord that even in the storm of lives we are now He gives peace

and He already sees the rainbow! We’re still doing our online classes due to safety protocols. Slowly, we continue with our church services in my home church but not able to travel yet to help other churches. As this new normal set up started I really felt the

disadvantage of this matter when it comes to our ministry with the kids. I was not able to see them, talk to them personally and see well how they are doing with our Bible lessons. It has been a challenge to keep their desire to learn more about Jesus at this point. As the months have passed with much prayer, God gave me wisdom on how to take it on the positive side. I did some innovation were they can still do their memory verses and Bible readings and it worked! As some of you follow us on social media, you’re able to see their weekly memory verses, our attendance, our songs every month and lessons. Hope it blesses your heart every time you see our daily postings. We also created a face book group were I post our everyday Bible reading and they will comment what they have learned from it, and everyone who will complete the Bible readings and memory verses each week will get a reward (sticky notes, glue, ruler, water colors and the like.) that they will collect each week till Christmas. I called it “Create your own Christmas gift”, it takes allot of work and expenses on our end but I know it is a good investment for the cause of Christ! We’ve been kids before and we know that simple rewards motivate children, keep them striving and excited, which it really did on our ministry. We really just need to go the extra mile and turn this situation for the glory

of God.

For the past months we had new attendees and have been faithfully attending every week for couple of months now. I gave them their official Kids for Christ uniform, and Lord willing we could give them their Bibles by December. What a blessing that even online God continues to add souls in our ministry.

These are Remedin, Caileen, Carmina, Jon and Cathleen.

Amidst the chaos that this pandemic has brought upon us, we were able to give a glimpse of peace and hope to these 58 precious souls by showing them even in a very simple way that there is a God who loves them and takes care of them. This is our school supplies giving that I wrote you about the last time. These are composed of four different barangays and some of our church member’s kids.

All glory to God! Our sincerest thanks to all who laboured with us in prayers and supported financially to make our school supplies giving possible.

This is a Prayer letter from Ptr. Paul Ancheta who is starting a church at Romblon Philippines that we help and support financially through your support as well to me for past three years already. As you bless me, you bless others as well! Please keep his family in your prayers too.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all who prayed for my father’s fast eye recovery. He is doing well now and serving with us! Every December we always do “Christmas gift giving” last year we went to the mountains where native Filipino or what they called “AETA” lives. This December I am praying to help Ptr. Christian Cunanan’s coastal ministry at Mabuanbuan Sasmuan Pampanga.

It is an island in the middle of a river. Ptr. Cunanan has been doing Bible studies and children ministry here. Please help me pray for the need as we travel going here by land and boat, for us to do feeding ministry, give a simple gifts to them and be able to share the Word of God to the children here.

I am always & will forever be grateful for all the prayers and help you do for the ministry. Thank you for your generous heart especially during this pandemic. I know all of us were affected with this in different ways yet you always choose and desire to help us. Like I always say you are all part of all that we do and were able to accomplish by God’s grace. You may not be able to meet them personally but one day in heaven they would be thanking you for giving to the Lord. Help me pray specifically for $1000- $1500 for this gift giving this December, and for the Christmas fellowship of the Kids and Teens for Christ. Lord willing we will be able to bless 100-150 kids before this year end! Hope this letter finds you well and was a blessing to you in some way. Let’s keep on keeping on. Jesus is coming soon.



I encourage you all if you could follow our ministry account On social media to keep you more updated with the ministry.


Princess Diane (Lady Missionary)

Kids For Christ (KFC) & Teens For Christ (TFC)

Ministry Account

Page name:

Kids For Christ Ministry

In Christ alone,

Sis. Princess Diane Batac

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