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Bashore Apr 2021 - Germany

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

Happy Resurrection Day! We had a really wonderful church service yesterday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead! Being faithful readers of our prayer letter (which I'm sure you are) you know that last year we brought an international team from our first church plant here in Frankfurt to help a struggling German congregation. We hoped to support the leadership of this church to see transformation in the areas of biblical discipleship, gospel community, and effective evangelism.

Easter Sunday gave us real encouragement about growth in these areas. We started the service off with the greeting: "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!" but not just in German, as would be their custom. We shared the greeting in Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, and English. This is a really great sign as we seek to reach our multi-cultural city (53% of Frankfurt has an immigrant background). A Group Effort to Create a Powerful Evangelistic Tool Because of the Corona Virus restrictions, we are only able to gather on Sundays in the school auditorium that we rent. So, for Good Friday we decided to do something different that would help people meditate on the purpose of the cross. We called it: "The Good Friday Meditation". We recorded eight readings from the night Christ was arrested up until the day he was crucified. After each reading we had a different person give a four minute devotional thought to deeper understand each aspect. A worship song followed each devotional. The two churches (both the one we helped start 3 years ago and the new church we are currently supporting) participated. The audio is in two parts both more than 40 minutes long. Over 200 people have listened to it since we put it online on "Green Thursday" (as Germans call the night Christ was arrested). We have heard of many friends and neighbours who have listened. You can listen here. This project brought our churches together and focused on the cross and resurrection. Next year we plan to do the same with the churches in Morocco in Arabic. We have saved the structure we can share with you if you think you and your church would like to do something similar. Here are a few people you can pray for: -Eren from Turkey is moving forward in our Adam to Jesus Bible study. He was at church with us last weekend we spoke about how God the Father was the primary causer of the cross having laid all our sins on Christ with every stripe he was received. He is still struggling to accept that 1,000 years of his family history has been wrong to follow Islam. -Henri from Cameroon- Henri moved to Germany just 10 days ago to work on a master's degree at the Goethe University. Through our university outreach we were able to give him a welcome basket that the church put together with plates, cups, utensils, pots, baked goods, and more. He was surprised by the kind welcome and was at church on Sunday. He is Catholic and responded today with this message: "I'll be happy to be there next Sunday. I am very happy to take a new path by getting to know you." -Ricardo from Brazil- Ricardo and his wife Cynthia moved to Germany from Brazil five years ago to work for Banco do Brazil. Cynthia has come to the Sunday services for the last two Sundays. On Easter she brought Ricardo and their son Mattias for the first time. Ricardo admitted that he has been "in and out" of faith his whole life but something is drawing them both to return to God. Pray for this family.

Thank you for your partnership with us!

In Christ,

The Bashore Family

Aaron, Jillian, Noah, Josie, and Jenna

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