Sunday School isn’t only for the children; we offer a range of classes for adults as well. Teachers lead the learning process in passionate understanding of the scriptures; not just the theological understanding, but also the life application where learners share their experiences. No matter your phase of life, our small-group-based ministries make it simple to take a closer look at scripture and find encouragement from others who can relate to you. Regular groups include:

  • Couples

  • Senior Couples

  • Ladies

  • Senior Ladies

  • Senior Men

Aside from these are specialty classes that take a closer look at important topics ranging from real-life issues to single books of the Bible. These limited-time courses span several weeks and cater to believers who seek to expand their understanding of Biblical truths and how they relate to our changing world. While you will hear the Word from our services, our Sunday School classes offer an uplifting and thought provoking environment of study, even for mature Christians.

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